Famous phrases of José Luis Sampedro

Famous phrases of José Luis Sampedro

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José Luis Sampedro He was a Spanish economist and writer who lived between 1917 and 2013. He was awarded the National Prize for Spanish Letters and the Order of Spanish Arts and Letters, in addition to the Medal of the Order of Charlemagne.

José Luis Sampedro He was not only the author of some great economic worksalso did novels, theater, stories Y other works minors

The political thinking from José Luis Sampedro It implies putting people over capital. Defender of a more social, human and fair model, with a balanced economy and responsible, fleeing extremist and totalitarian positions.

Famous phrases of José Luis Sampedro

“Time is not money; Time is life."

"They govern us through fear."

"The western life system is over."

“The day one is born one begins to die a little. We are used to seeing death as something negative, and I am so close that I cannot stop thinking about this matter. But I think with vital joy. What they don't teach us is that the day one is born one begins to die, and death accompanies us every day. ”

“We are nature. Putting money as a supreme good leads us to catastrophe (…) This world is betraying life. ”

“There are peripheral cultures where being something is more important than having something. While here you are nothing more than what you have and the one who does not have is not. ”

“What they call Public opinion It is a media opinion: an opinion created by education and the media. ”

"This world is betraying life."

"It is amazing that Humanity still does not know how to live in peace, what words like competitiveness be the ones who send in front of words like coexistence.”

"Say NO to financial tyranny and its devastating consequences."

"Democracy is not the government of the people anywhere."

“Public opinion is influenced by the media and the media are in the hands of those who rule and those who rule favor those who say what suits them and erase everything that does not suit them. So public opinion is, above all, media opinion. ”

"The current system is dominated by three other magic words: Productivity, competitiveness and innovation, which should be replaced by distribution, cooperation and recreation."

“With Democracy… What do you vote for? What makes us vote. ”

“I do not say that the past is the best. I say that capitalism at the time was nascent, but now it is unsustainable. ”

“A generation of young people will be harmed and above all they will be harmed those who have less means and power does not care much that public education is not very good because that way the children of the poor will not be able to compete with the children of the rich . ”

"Because I don't need addictions, I keep everything that humanity has done so far, for many years."

"The religious Hispanic cult has given way to a new faith."

“Are people crazy? No, people are manipulated. ”

“They educate us to be producers and consumers, not to be free men.”

"We should live as many times as the trees, that after a bad year they throw new leaves and start again."