The riddle of the pyramids

The riddle of the pyramids

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This riddle, simple but interesting, arose from an exciting adventure that occurred to me in my ascension to the pyramids of Egypt.

As you can see, my guide was armed with a sword, with the purpose of killing any lion that could stand in our way up, and it was stipulated that if this were the case I would keep the lion's skin.

We were preparing to climb the smallest of the Cheops pyramids when one of those beasts that infest those neighborhoods appeared. I ran like an arrow to the tip of the pyramid to safeguard my mountain body, climbing the stairs 5 in 5, my guide 6 in 6 and the lion 7 in 7.

The situation is somewhat complicated, as the illustration shows, since none of the measures will take any of the participants in this wild race to the exact top. However, and although the stairs of the pyramid skirt are not visible, you will find enough data to calculate the exact height (the number of steps) of this small pyramid.

That you know that the guide's catcher, who had told me to keep my lion's skin while putting my earthly belongings safely, had to take advantage of the impetus of the race to steal it from me, because I never saw him again.


It is evident that if the lion advances 7 steps, the guide 6 and the tourist 5, 7 x 6 x 5 will be 210, the stairs that will take the three to the top. As the lion stays 5 steps away, guide 3 and tourist 1, We know that the pyramid has 201 steps.


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