Mix of teas

Mix of teas

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The mixture of teas in the East is such an exact science, that the production of certain flavors resulting from the combination of certain types of tea can result from one millionth of an ounce! It is also said that the formulas of some of the tea producers have been kept secret for hundreds of years and cannot be imitated.

To illustrate the precision and importance of the science of tea and to show you the difficulty of penetrating the mystery surrounding this art, pay attention to this riddle based on a simple mixture, which will give you an idea of ​​the complications that must arise in the mixture of half a dozen varieties.

The mixer has received two perfectly square boxes, but of different sizes. One carries green tea and the other black tea. He has mixed them to fill 22 smaller cubes also of equal size.

What is the proportion of green tea over black?

It seems a lazy or child problem, a problem of sums that can be solved in a thousand ways. You just have to find out the size of the two boxes (two cubes) that can contain exactly 22 cubes.


There is a very nice method to solve this type of exercise and it shows that 2 square boxes, one of 17,229 inches and another of 25,409, will give 22 cubes of 9,954 square inches. So the proportions of black tea and green tea will be of which 17,229 is 25,469.