Sum and multiplication

Sum and multiplication

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Surely you all know how to add and multiply and you don't need pencil and paper to know that 2 + 2 is four. It seems easy, and it is, but never underestimate the number 2 because it has its oddities.

A while ago, an editor of a magazine that devoted a lot of space to mathematical problems, gave a very surprising response to a person who pointed out the fact that 2 x 2 gave the same result as 2 + 2 and I wanted to know if there were other numbers that multiplied or added gave the same result.

The editor said there was another solution to the statement where:
a + b = y
a x b = y

But curiously he screwed up and said it was this:
2.618024 x 1.618034 = 4.236068
2,618024 + 1,618034 = 4,236068

Well, it is not necessary to get involved as our editor got involved, who also made a mistake adding and multiplying, to find two figures that added or multiplied give the same. It is very curious that there can be infinite numbers, or series of numbers, that when multiplied and added together, give the same result.

Saying that:
a = 2
b = 2
y = 4

We have already shown the elementary algebra lesson in which

a x b = y
a + b = y

We know that it would baffle many intelligent brains trying to find other numbers or quantities in which the same circumstance occurs, however there is such an infinite variety, that you could tell me a random number and I could tell you with what other number you could add or multiply it and give the same result.

The formula is extremely simple and worth knowing. It turns out that the two is not as special as we thought.


There are countless answers that we can get from any number using the following formula:

For example:
3 + 1,5 = 4,5
3 x 1.5 = 4.5


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